Winter Storm Watch – Wed 12/16

A winter storm watch has been issued for our area from Wednesday afternoon (12/16/2020) to Thursday morning.  This event is expected to leave behind 12” – 15” of snow.  This type of event will make travel difficult.

Please remember that parking on roadsides, cul-de-sacs or in the easements is not permitted.  Not only are you delaying the plowing of your road for your neighbors; any vehicle parked illegally will be ticketed, fined and may be towed (at the vehicle owners’ expense).

The snow removal contractor is prepared and will continue to keep our roadways as clear as possible under the conditions.

Do not plow, shovel or snow-blow snow back into the roadway, this is not permitted and is very dangerous.

After a snow storm, you may find you have already shoveled your driveway, just to have it plowed in again once the snow plow comes through.  However, there is a way to clear your driveway to avoid the dreaded second shovel.  Clean an area to the right of your driveway, which should give the snow on the plow a place to go other than on your driveway.  This should keep you from having to do the same shoveling job twice.