Cornerstone Conservancy

First, a bit of history. LTS Development, LLC, was the original developer of the property now known as Cornerstone Conservancy, which is part of Blue Mountain Lake. Initially this property was called “Stoneybrook Manor” when it was originally filed for subdivision approval. Because of the geography, most notably, the amount and location of wetlands, LTS sought and obtained approval to make it a protected “conservancy”. Conservation development requires greater open space, including wetland areas, and encourages common areas (and some privately-owned property) to be left in its natural state. It also results in narrower roads and smaller lots. Like all Stroud Township property, there is also a 100 foot wetland buffer to further protect vegetation and wildlife.

During early 2007 LTS changed the name of the subdivision from Stoneybrook Manor to Cornerstone Conservancy and sought to make it part of Blue Mountain Lake. This was accepted by all, subject to certain conditions. The primary conditions were (1) that LTS would remain solely responsible for completing everything according to the subdivision plan which LTS had submitted and Stroud Township had approved prior to commencement of development; and (2) LTS would be solely responsible for maintaining the common areas until the plan was completed. This included providing all required maintenance, like snow plowing, landscaping, and general maintenance of common areas. (To secure performance Stroud Township required LTS to post a third party performance bond – which LTS did).

Early owners were given access to all of the amenities and rights all other owners in Blue Mountain Lake had – the lake, the pool, the clubhouse, the gazebo, the tennis courts, the basketball courts, the walking trails, all club functions, voting rights, etc.

Unfortunately, before completing Cornerstone Conservancy, LTS walked away from its project leaving the owners with an incomplete development and without maintenance services. This responsibility then fell to the municipality, Stroud Township. As a result, Stroud Township sought to obtain the funds from the bond to complete the development. After all, that was the whole purpose of the bond. The Township had no money in its own budget for completion.

The Township obtained the money from the bond and completed the roads.  The walking trails were completed in the fall of 2017.

The Blue Mountain Lake Club Board and Management have worked diligently with the municipality on behalf of the Cornerstone residents to see that the required improvements were completed. Owners who reside in Cornerstone are to be commended for their understanding and patience throughout the process.

The ownership of the Open Spaces (community roads, preserved woods or common areas) was transferred to the Blue Mountain Lake Club with the deed recorded at Monroe County  on January 9, 2019.