BML Pools and Spray Park: UPDATE 5/26/2021

Due to the updated guidance from the CDC as well as the PA DOH, the outdoor pools are no longer subject to percentage-based capacity limits.   Therefore, we are happy to report that we will be opening the Pools and Spray Park with no capacity restrictions (no reservations will be needed – first come first serve basis).

While the state has provided a variety of options regarding face masks, the Association still requires that all in-person interactions at indoor and outdoor facilities require a face mask, regardless of vaccination status, for the benefit of all.

The pool staff will continue to maintain procedures for the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces at least daily, including high-touch areas such as pool rails and restrooms.  Masks will be required when entering and exiting the pool enclosure and if you will be waking around the pool deck area.  Masks are not required when sitting at your table or lounge chair, swimming and/or eating or drinking while seated.

Although open on a first come first serve basis, the use of the BML™ Pools and Spray Park contains risks to you should you participate. Therefore, prior to attending the pool, each person must sign an association COVID-19 Disclosure, Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement (parents/legal guardians will be required to sign for minors).   The pool staff will have these agreements available at the pool.  However, a copy of this agreement is available on the website (bluemountainlakeclub.com) that you can download to bring with you to make the sign-in process a little quicker.   At this time, a member (and their guests) who do not sign the release document will not be permitted access.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and your Preferred Management team, we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer.

2021 Pools and Spray Park Hours of Operation

 Opening Weekend – Saturday May 29th, Sunday May 30th and Monday May 31st:

11:00am to 7:00 pm. (Weather permitting)

 Saturday June 5th and Sunday June 6th:

11am to 7:00pm (Weather permitting)

 Open Daily (7 days/wee) beginning Saturday, June 12th through Labor Day (September 2nd)

11am to 7:00pm (Weather permitting)

 The BML Pools and Spray Park are “At Your Own Risk”.  Blue Mountain Lake Club does not guarantee the facilities to be COVID-19 free.   

For the full set of Pool Rules, please visit www.bluemountainlakeclub.com.  The Pool Rules are also posted in several locations inside and outside the pool enclosure.  Hard copies can also be picked up at the Operations Office (during operating hours).