Back to School – August 26th

The first day of school for Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg students is Monday, August 26th.   Security Officer Thomas Jones will be replacing Officer Reggie Kelly (who retired this summer) at the BML bus stops.

The Blue Mountain Lake Club Rules & Regulations, Section V: School Bus Regulations state:
1. No vehicle may be operated when a school bus is loading or unloading or lights flashing in either director on all Community property or roadways, pursuant to PA state regulations. Violation of this rule will be reported to
the Stroud Area Regional Police Department and may result in additional fines issued by local authorities.

2. All bus stop parking shall be in the designated parking area and/or as directed by BML Security. All vehicles shall be parked at least ten (10) feet behind stop signs and all vehicles shall be parked on the same roadside. Failure to properly park or follow the directives of Security and/or Management will result in a fine.