How do Membership Dues Work?

The current annual fee each homeowner pays covers the costs of maintaining all of the commonly-owned areas, including our roads, parking areas, walking trails, guardhouse, operations office, pole barn area, clubhouse, pool and spray park (including pool staff), lake, ponds, gazebo, tennis courts, basketball court, playgrounds, benches, storm water facilities, and all other areas within our community not owned privately (such as the lakeside area). It also covers liability and property insurance, security services, lake management costs and other necessary services.

In addition to these costs, we set aside part of the fees to insure we have money available to fund the repair and/or replacement of equipment and structures when needed (our “Reserves”). The Reserves are deposited in a separate account for this use.

Community event costs (such as Music by the Lake and other events) are paid, in part, from our fees, as are the cost of mailings, the website, other communication methods, security cameras, outside accounting, engineering and legal.


The annual assessments also cover the contract fee we pay to Preferred Management Associates LLC, AAMC for the costs of managing our community. The management company’s role is to assist the Board in carrying out the day-to-day operations of the association (i.e. collecting maintenance fees, paying bills, managing contractors, maintenance services, ensuring compliance of the governing documents and more). Preferred Management provides Blue Mountain Lake Club with a dedicated onsite management team comprised of a Community Manager, Assistant Community Manager and a Facilities Maintenance Manager.

Finally, the annual assessments include the separate contract charges for maintaining the common areas. This includes Spring cleanup, mowing and trimming, maintaining storm water facilities (for example, the storm water detention basins), mulching and seasonal plantings of common areas, and fall leaf removal. It also includes maintaining the community walking trails, roadside mowing and exterior amenity maintenance, trimming/pruning and in the winter, snow plowing and de-icing roads and common areas.

For those owners who fall behind in paying their dues (or stop paying altogether) there are costs involved in actions taken to collect unpaid fees. These costs are necessary because all of us are dependent on each owner paying his/her share of the total costs of maintaining our community. This is very important to each owner as our home is likely one of our biggest investments, if not our biggest. And, if some owners are not paying their share, the rest of us have to pay more, or our services must decrease – with the result that our community becomes less desirable and our home prices drop.

This is a summary of how the money collected from all of us is spent. If you have further questions, you may contact the Operations Office or any Board member.


The Blue Mountain Lake Board of Directors


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