2021 Annual Billing

The 2021 Annual Assessment notices and 2021 invoices were mailed on December 3, 2020.  If you do not receive your 2021 Annual Assessment notice and invoice by December 11th, please contact a member of your management team by calling the BML Operations Office at 570-421-2129.

(Please note, your 2021 invoice may show a prior balance if you were on the twelve-month payment plan as your December 2020 payment may not have been recorded when the invoices were printed).

The Blue Mountain Lake Club Board of Directors and your Preferred Management team have worked hard to hold the line on expenses this year, which resulted in no dues increase for 2021.  

There are two ways you can pay your 2021 dues:

  1. Pay in full by January 15, 2021 and receive a 3% discount.
  2. Twelve-month payment plan.  The first payment is due January 1st (no later than January 15th) and then the first of each month thereafter (no later than the 15th every month).  If you wish to receive coupons for the 2021 dues payments, please contact the office at 570-421-2129 or by sending an email to:

If your contact information has changed, please submit an updated Owner Information form to the office.  This form may be downloaded from the website or you may request one be emailed to you by calling the Office at 570-421-2129.

On behalf of your Preferred Management team and the Blue Mountain Lake Club Board of Directors, we wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy Holiday Season.